About Major Moving Company

We are a licensed and insured company. The primary goal in our line of work is to make your move as easy as possible. In their reviews, our clients consistently highlight how much they like our service. We are a recomended company and you can make sure of it, based on our skills and quality . Its creators have 12 years of experience in the moving world. We have put together an incredibly well-organized and promising team, we love what we’re doing. The vast amount of experience and all the problems we have solved allow us now to work perfectly. And we will not stop working hard or improving our service. That is why Major Moving Company  will remain of the best of all moving companies.

Professional Movers

Damage and scratches of furniture is one of the most common problems most relocation services have during a move. We pay incredibly close attention to this and that is why we only work with professional movers who know how to properly pack, disassemble, and reassemble furniture. We use only a high quality materials, such as – heavy duty blankets, special wrapping paper, and much more to protect your belongings.  Major Moving Company partners only with skilled movers who have a lot of experience. Trust the professionals who will treat your furniture gently and carefully, and you will be pleased with your move. Don’t worry, your stuff is save and sound with us. “You can’t beat the experience”.


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Basic Criteria for Moving Companies

Today in the U.S., Los Angeles County sits in the top spot for the number of moves that take place. Accordingly, the largest number of moving companies are located in Los Angeles. When planning a move, you need to try hard to choose a company with a good reputation and professional movers. Finding the kind of service that you need will be easier if you know the exact dates of your move, the time of the move, the exact address, and how far it is.

There are a lot of criteria like, “what size truck do you need, how many boxes will be necessary for your things, your approximate budget, the process of packing large furniture or expensive paintings, etc.” We will answer all of your questions and help you with advice. Our specialists describe in detail the entire moving process. If you have a lot of things and would like to know a rough estimate for the move, you may fill out the form “Get Quick Estimate” and ask us to send one of our employees. After you show our employee everything, he will give you an approximation of how much time it will take for the whole process and how it will proceed. Remember that amongst all the licensed moving companies there are a large number of middlemen who are unlicensed and uninsured. Be careful.

Costs among relocation services are all different; everyone has their own rates and plans. If you select a company with low prices, it is likely that after the work is done you will be billed extra for packing materials or for the truck. If you choose a company with average prices, then they will likely include everything and you will pay only an hourly rate. That means that costs to move are the same for everyone, so the most important task is finding the company with the most experience. With our company the rate per hour includes all packing materials and full moving equipment. We are always happy to help you, our workers will be courteous in their service to you. Enjoy your move with Major Moving Company.